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DND Open Route SMS

Today's business requirements ask for that you relate rapidly with your customers and that you do so in a manner that is less costly and more reliable. Rely on upon us for snappy, redid, flexible, and measurable sms plans. If you are new to sending sms in mass, our mass sms organization is the best decision to start and experience the results direct. Endeavor our free demo account now

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What is DND Open Route SMS

Using our item makes your work significantly more straightforward. You don't need to unite any fittings nor do you need to join a cell phone to your machine. An Internet relationship with web project is sufficient to send messages in mass.


We moreover give extraordinarily robust mass SMS entryways for compromise into locales, web applications, web shopping trucks, dealing with a record plans, web frameworks organization districts, offer trading programming, and distinctive applications.

How to use DND Open Route SMS

Our online SMS mechanical assembly and HTTP API are given free of cost to our clients went around our awesome help bunch. All you pay for can't avoid being for the amount of SMS credits you require which along these lines depends on upon your needs. Our mass sms programming channels Do Not Disturb (NDNC channel - National Do Not Call Registry) numbers before sending messages.

DND Open Route SMS Service Features:

Easy to use as no specific plug-in required

Can send messages with Sender ID

Send on every mobile network

Product and service launches updates

Announcing offer and deals

Stock / Quote updates

upcoming event publicity

Greetings on special occasions

DND Open Route SMS Pricing

SMS Credits Rate per Credit (Paisa) Amount (INR) Validity
1000 SMS 22 Paisa 220 INR 1 Month
5000 SMS 20 Paisa 1000 INR 1 Month
10000 SMS 18 Paisa 1800 INR 1 Month
25000 SMS 16 Paisa 4000 INR 2 Months
50000 SMS 14 Paisa 7000 INR 3 Months
100000 SMS 13 Paisa 13000 INR 6 Months
500000 SMS 12 Paisa 60000 INR 2 Year
1000000 SMS 11 Paisa 110000 INR Unlimited

Note: 18% GST extra on above pricing.

More than 10,00,000 Call or WhatsApp @ +91-8127470159

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