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CCTV Camera Installation Service in Lucknow

Your Security Camera Installation Service done quickly and reliably by our team of in-house security professionals. Our technicians performs high-quality security camera installation for residential dwellings, commercial facilities, and lots or yards.

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Professional Security Camera Installation You Can Trust

Your time is valuable, and we don’t waste it. Count on our technicians to be on time for your Security Camera Installation. We have worked on several building configurations and know how to hide the wires to give you a clean, professional look.

You will get the most out of the hardware you choose with our experienced security design and installation technicians. Before we perform your Security Camera Installation, we test all of your CCTV cameras or IP cameras and the DVR or network video recorder (NVR). We will check the hard drive for errors and report the condition of the equipment to you.


CCTV Security Camera Setup

Running the cabling and mounting the CCTV cameras or IP cameras is only part of the job. Our technicians will setup and configure your system for motion recording only, which saves space on the hard drive storage. We block out high motion areas on each camera view where a blowing tree or busy street may trigger unnecessary recording.

We will adjust each camera at the DVR or NVR for the best recording quality possible. If the camera comes with an internal programming capability, we use a wrist monitor to make adjustments to the camera itself. We finish the security camera installation by plugging all cracks, seams and holes with caulk (fire-rated caulk where needed).

What Our Security Installation Service Includes:

Professional Camera and Recorder Location Advise

We use our wire so you can upgrade in the future

Wire Installation through Attic, Strapped to Trusses

Hiding Wire in Wall using Face Plates

Camera Installation and Pointing

Caulking and Water Sealing where appropriate

Recorder Setup, Password Change and Motion Only

iPhone and Droid Phone Setup for Remote Viewing

Setup of access on Local Computers

FAQS about CCTV Camera Installation

How do I know what cameras I need?

To determine what cameras are best for our clients application we start by finding out what's important to our clients. That information, along with the environment the cameras will be installed in, and any budget constraints, help guide our consultants to recommend the best video surveillance possible.

Is a security camera system affordable for a small business?

We believe small business are some of our best clients because small business owners personally appreciate the value of the additional management control and loss prevention that our security camera systems provide. Unlike larger firms who may have several levels of management, and who may routinely absorb large losses from inventory shrinkage, the success of a small business owner depends on running a very tight operation.

What does a typical security camera system cost?

The cost of a camera security system can range drastically depending on the application and environment the system will be used in. It's best to speak to one of our trained professionals about the different types and price rages of systems we offer. Our experts will work with your budget and help you find the best products to accomplish your security goals, weather you're a home owner, a small businessman, or a large multinational corporation.

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